Tuesday, September 1, 2015

9/2/15 Dr. Pat and Co-host Heather Temple

Love Seeker Radio with Coach Heather Lynn: Finding Love for Your Authentic Self: Keys to Finding Love

Heather and Dr. Pat discuss how to find the love you deserve by following these three key pieces of wisdom.

9/1/15 Dr Pat and Richard Barrett

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: What My Soul Told Me with Author and Speaker Richard Barrett 

The ultimate arbiter of were you have got to on your journey into soul consciousness is the quality of the connections you have with other people — not just your family, friends and acquaintances, but the strangers who serve you in restaurants, mend your plumbing, and those who drive you in taxis and punch your tickets on trains.

Every person you meet is a soul who is working on the same project you are working on. We are all souls doing our best to promote the evolution of human consciousness. When you fully realize who you are, you will understand that in caring for others, you are caring for yourself.

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8/31/15 Dr. Pat and Karen Casey

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Living Long, Living Passionately: 75 (and Counting) Ways to Bring Peace and Purpose to Your Life with Author Karen Casey 

Included here are 75 personal stories and essays imbued with Karen Casey’s own understanding of peaceful living guided by her 12-step practice and A Course in Miracles—inspiring equal doses of peace and purpose. Topics explored include fear and love, resistance and acceptance, willpower and discernment.  

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8/28/15 The Christine Upchurch Show

The Christine Upchurch Show: Encore: Taming Your Outer Child: Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Healing From Abandonment with guest Susan Anderson 

Discover what psychotherapist Susan Anderson calls "The Outer Child"; a psychological concept that describes the part of your personality that acts out your Inner Child's feelings in self-defeating ways without giving you, the Adult in charge, a chance to intervene. You can learn to redress and redirect your Outer Childs subterfuge. Whether Outer Child has been preventing you from being in a romantic relationship, sticking to a diet, curbing your spending, overcoming performance anxiety, ending procrastination, becoming a better parent, or reaching your potential, you can finally create the change you've always dreamed of.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

8/27/15 Dr. Pat and Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By! Remapping Your Mind: The Neuroscience of Self-Transformation through Story - Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona & Barbara Mainguy, M.A.

We are born into a world of stories that quickly shapes our behavior and development without our conscious awareness. By retelling our personal, family, and cultural narratives we can transform the patterns of our own lives as well as the patterns that shape our communities and the larger social worlds in which we interact.

Applying the latest neuroscience research on memory, brain mapping, and brain plasticity to the field of narrative therapy, Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Barbara Mainguy explain how the brain is specialized in the art of story-making and story-telling. They detail mind-mapping and narrative therapy techniques that use story to change behavior patterns in ourselves, our relationships, and our communities. They explore studies that reveal how memory works through story, how the brain recalls things in narrative rather than lists, and how our stories modify our physiology and facilitate health or disease. Drawing on their decades of experience in narrative therapy, the authors examine the art of helping people to change their story, providing brain-mapping practices to discover your inner storyteller and test if the stories you are living are functional or dysfunctional, healing or destructive. They explain how to create new characters and new stories, ones that excite you, help you connect with yourself, and deepen your intimate connections with others.

Detailing how shared stories and language form culture, the authors also explore how narrative therapy can help replace dysfunctional cultural stories with those that offer templates for healthier relationships with each other and the planet.

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8/26/15 Dr. Pat and Ginny Rutherford

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Hacking the Hero's Journey with Ginny Rutherford, Lia Ayley and Francis Ayley 

For those of us who are called to the path of conscious growth, transformation, and spiritual development, “The Hero's Journey” is our journey. As we walk our path, it tests us and challenges us, offers us opportunities and perils, choices and rewards.
A lively discussion offering stories, and learnings as well as insights, stories, and teachings from the lives of others, to illuminate what the path is, how we can walk it skillfully, how we can spot and avoid common traps and pitfalls, and why all of this matters.

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8/25/15 Dr. Pat and Chip Justice

The Chip Justice Show - Positive Changes for a Life You Will Love!: Smart Went Crazy: When Being Too Smart for Your Own Good Becomes a Reality!

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8/24/15 Dr. Pat and Sunny Dawn Johnston

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Everyone is Psychic with Sunny Dawn Johnston

Sunny helps listeners fine tune their intuition so that they can develop their own connection to Spirit and gain a better understanding of the Afterlife.

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8/21/15 The Christine Upchurch Show

You Are Smarter Than You Think with guest
Renee Mollan-Masters 

Thanks to your educational journey, you may be walking around this world with a hidden belief nagging you saying, "You are not very smart". How do you think that impacts your life? Isn't it possible that you are brilliant in your own right, and not knowing this, are playing way below your potential? Join Christine and Renee Mollan-Masters to open the door to your mind and let the light in.

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8/20/15 The Mary Jane Mack Show

Insight from Holistic Intuitive Mary Jane Mack

8/19/15 Dr. Pat and Diane Brandon

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Dream Interpretation for Beginners - Understand the Wisdom of Your Sleeping Mind with Expert and Author
Diane Brandon 

Decode the wisdom of your dreams to enrich your life and achieve your personal goals. This fantastic book shows you how to use dreams for improved problem-solving, better relationships, creative inspiration, and spiritual growth. Join dream expert Diane Brandon as she guides you to the unseen treasures that await you in your sleep.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

8/18/15 Dr. Pat and Glenna Rice

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: What if you Didn't Make Your Children Wrong for not Doing What You Expect of Them? The Questionable Parent Glenna Rice

How do expectations create judgement and rejection of you and your children? What else is possible?

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8/17/15 Prescience Life Radio with Mia Simone

Knowledge is power; Gain Insight into Your Most Perplexing Questions with Intuitive Astrologer
Amy Morgan

Psychic Mia Simone and guest Intuitive Astrologer Amy Morgan will be performing live on-air readings

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8/14/15 The Christine Upchurch Show

Opening to Meditation: A Gentle, Guided Approach with guest Diana Lang

Can you imagine feeling good and natural and full of life? Imagine what it would feel like to feel calm and centered no matter what your circumstances might be. Imagine having more energy while engaging in everything you do, and feeling ever more connected in your life, day by day, breath by breath. Join Christine and author and meditation teacher Diana Lang as Diana offers a meditation method that is simple and practical. 

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8/13/15 Dr. Pat and Ginny Rutherford

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: The Journey of Master Kambo Practitioner Simon Scott and Ginny Rutherford 

Learn what Kambo is and how it can benefit you!

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8/12/15 Dr. Pat and Dr. Friedemann Schaub

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: The Empowered Self Part 17 with Co-host Dr. Friedemann Schaub: How to keep the Vacation Mind

Have you ever noticed that your “being on vacation” persona differs vastly from the everyday self? For most people vacation also means taking a break from their usual ways of being. You may be more open, curious and ready to find enjoyment in almost everything you do. Or you may be more relaxed, easy-going and not so hard on yourself. In the vacation state of mind each day appears more free, fun and fulfilling – and not only because you can spend time by the pool drinking margaritas and don’t have to work.As you transition back into your daily routines, you notice how your mind shifts back into work mode, and you may start feeling more worried, stressed and somewhat trapped again. But does it have to be this way? What would life be like, if you wouldn’t limit the vacation mind to only a few weeks per year?

Join Dr. Friedemann Schaub, author of The Fear and Anxiety Solution, with Dr. Pat Baccili, and learn how having a vacation mind as your default setting, will make your life not only more exciting but also increase your creativity and productivity.

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8/11/15 Dr. Pat and Mark Rayner

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: All Aboard with Mark Rayner - Understanding your Conscious and Subconscious Mind 

Come aboard as we venture on a journey of the high seas. Uncover why you are where you are in life and why you will remain there until you understand what it is you believe at the subconscious level.

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8/10/15 Live More Radio with Ali Katz

"Stress Less, Live More!": Self Love and Self Care 

In order to be the best parent, spouse, partner, friend, child, employee or employer that we can be, we must first be the best version of ourselves. We must get to know ourselves on an intimate level and truly love who we are. We do this by spending time with ourselves.When we sit in meditation, even for a few minutes a day, it is usually the only time we are quiet and alone. Our soul is the essence of us. It isn’t what we want to project to the world and it isn’t our self esteem that is connected to outside validation, it is what looks out of our eyes. We have to first connect before we can love.For so many of us it is like dating…we are meeting ourselves for the first time, dating, then getting serious, then falling in love. Along the way we may find a few things that we don’t like, but we realize that nobody is perfect! Dr. Pat Baccili joins Ali in the discussion.

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8/7/15 The Christine Upchurch Show

Human Design, The New Science of Astrology with guest Karen Curry Parker 

Discover Human Design, a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Chakra System, Judaic Kabbalah and quantum physics. Learn about this powerful new system of astrology that shows you: your life purpose, your strengths, your money-making strategy, your relationship style, and how to stay healthy and vital. Join Christine and international speaker, author and Human Design expert Karen Curry Parker to discover how to make powerful decisions that will help you create the life you long for, how to break patterns that are keeping you stuck, and how to activate your potential in every area of your life.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

8/6/15 Dr. Pat and Sue Storm

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Listening to Your Angels with The Angel Lady Sue Storm 

Hearing your angels response to a wish is beneficial and heartwarming. When you make a request to them, they respond in many different ways. You will discover how to understand your angels and enjoy greater peace in your life.

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8/5/15 Dr. Pat and Heather Temple

Love Seeker Radio with Coach Heather Lynn: Finding Love for Your Authentic Self: Top Mistakes People Make When Looking for Love 

Listen and learn as Heather and Dr. Pat discuss some of the top mistakes people make when they're looking for love and how to overcome them. Learn how to avoid these and date differently with a few easy to follow suggestions.

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8/4/15 Dr. Pat and Paddy Fievet

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: WHEN LIFE CRIED OUT - One Woman's Quest To Be Fully Alive with Author Paddy Fievet 

The first of Paddy Fievet’s riveting new memoirs, When Life Cried Out: One Woman’s Spiritual Quest to Be Fully Alive is a adventurous page-turner that takes readers on a trip around the world as she seeks spiritual guidance and an authentic new life.

We relive with her a divorce, paralyzing agoraphobia and panic attacks, and startling metaphysical revelations. Her self-discovery and new-found spiritual connection emerges as not only a fascinating story but a wise resource for seekers who find themselves spiritually and creatively unfulfilled.

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8/3/15 Dr. Pat and TJ Woodward

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Awakened Living Radio with Co-host TJ Woodward - What is Awakened Living? 

Author of Conscious BEING, TJ discusses with Dr. Pat many spiritual topics including: Awakened Living, Living in the Question and Disengaging the Mind.  

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7/31/15 The Christine Upchurch Show

Anything is Possible with guest Krysta Gibson 

Join Christine and author, spiritual teacher and publisher of The New Times and New Spirit Journal Krysta Gibson, as Krysta talks about her latest book, Anything is Possible where finally shares her life with us so we get to know the stories behind the woman. Yes, she was a nun. Yes, she counseled people on probation and parole. Yes, she worked with a serial killer who would have killed her if she had not followed her inner guidance. Yes, she bluffed her way past four men who did not have her best interests at heart. And, yes, she became a spiritual teacher and publisher. Listen in and learn more about her life and what it can mean to you!

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7/30/15 Dr. Pat and David Christopher Lewis

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Saint Germain Updates His Prophecies for 2015 and Moves into 2016 with David Christopher Lewis

Completely spontaneous and inspired! Saint Germain delivers directly through David Christopher Lewis new revelations for the remainder of 2015 and into 2016. The Master Alchemist of the Seventh Age tells what he foresees in a live update to his Prophecies for 2015 given in a HeartStream on December 31, through David, now with 58,000 views on YouTube. David will also discuss the Master’s extraordinary teachings from his new book on Advanced Alchemy and share a major alchemical tool from Saint Germain to mitigate wars, the crises of global economic manipulation and natural cataclysms, including drought and chemtrails. Will the Master predict more exposés, unprecedented abundance or divine intervention? This is a show for those who have ears to hear.

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7/29/15 Dr. Pat and Glenna Rice

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: The Questionable Parent Glenna Rice - Empowering Children to Know That They Know with Gary Douglas 

Guest Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness, talks with Glenna and Dr. Pat about "The Access Possibilities School" where children will be empowered to access their awareness, their talents and abilities and know that they always have choice.

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7/28/15 The Chip Justice Show

Positive Changes for a Life You Will Love!: Faith is an Inside Job - Cultivate Faith in Whatever You Do! 

Defining the four keys to cultivating faith in yourself! Understanding how to use the keys to reach your goals and success. Realizing you can accomplish and live a life you will love.  

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7/27/15 Dr. Pat and Kelly Ballard

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: More About Kelly M. Ballard, Medium & Intuitive Consultant

Kelly Ballard is a fourth-generation Medium and Intuitive, as well as a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. She has been working with Spirit for well over 15 years and herself to be the "channel" between you and Spirit.  Kelly is known for her ability to bring messages from those in the Spirit world, delivered with a little bit of humor and a lot of healing.  

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7/24/15 The Christine Upchurch Show

The Christine Upchurch Show: Encore: The Science and Soul of Healing Using Color, Light and Art with guest Leanne Venier

Have you ever felt drawn to a particular color? Find out what our favorite colors can tell us about our physical and emotional health. Learn simple tips using color, light and art to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, relieve insomnia, treat allergies and depression and reverse the visible signs of aging, all without the need for any drugs. Discover why we actually need sunlight and hear about the scientific research that supports all of this including the latest light-based treatments for cancer and Alzheimer's.

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7/23/15 Dr. Pat and Dr. Linda Salvin

Dr. Linda Salvin - Metaphysical Master: Insight to Metaphysical Gifts and Services 

Dr. Linda and Dr. Pat will discuss the different spiritual tools that enable Dr. Linda to read and help people.  She is a para-psychologist with clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities.  She can hear, see, feel spiritual messages to give predictions, and metaphysically heal or channel spirits and pets from the other side.

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7/22/15 Dr. Pat and Kimberly Braun

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Love Calls - Living Your YES with Author Kimberly Braun

Kimberly's book, Love Calls, Insights of a former Carmelite Nun, breaks open the tilling of the inner soil that empowers us to live our YES!

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7/21/15 Dr. Pat with Tim Darter and Steve Kramer

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Learn More About the New Show Coming - Spirit Fire Radio 

Get to know the show, Spirit Fire Radio. Learn about Spirit Fire's meditation program,The Practice of Living Awareness, and how it is being transformed into a radio show to take its message off of the meditation cushion and into your lives. Get a glimpse of upcoming shows and the various guests that will be joining Steve and Tim as they start cultivating consciousness live.

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7/20/15 Prescience Life Radio with Mia Simone

Avant-Garde Intuitive Mia Simone and Intuitive Astrologer Amy Morgan will be Offering Live On-Air Readings for Callers 


7/17/15 The Christine Upchurch Show

Wisdom from The Book of Knowing and Worth with guest Paul Selig

Join Christine and author and clairvoyant Paul Selig for a fascinating conversation as Paul discusses his latest, and some say his most profound, channeled work. Discover that true understanding of our life’s purpose can be found through “service”—the practice of the thing that you most love. You can discover your own form of service through this powerful mantra:“I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve.” Join us to learn more...

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7/16/15 The Mary Jane Mack Show

Holistic Intuitive Mary Jane Mack 

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7/15/15 Dr. Pat and Lynn Brown

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: GET INTOIT - Winning at the Game of Life with Co-host Lynn Brown: Can you handle the TRUTH? 

Can you handle the TRUTH? The energy of LOVE through the eyes of an intuitive.

Could it be that what society has taught about love is all wrong? Love is not an action, not an agreement; true LOVE is a state of being and unfettered freedom. The universe is now asking is to let go of old paradigms and expectations about being “in-love” and to step into “being love.” This is essential for our individual and planetary time of ascension.

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7/14/15 Dr. Pat and Dr. Friedemann Schaub

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: The Empowered Self Series Co-host Dr. Friedemann Schaub: The Empowered Self #16: Benefits of comparing yourself to others

Do you have the every alluring habit of comparing yourselves with others? May be you compare yourself with a colleague at work, who gets one promotion after another, while your efforts seem to get ignored. Or you are stalking “the ex” on Facebook, only to find out that he or she has much more fun since your relationship ended. You probably agree with me that comparing ourselves with others usually makes us feel worse. But what can we do – should we just ignore the people around us?

According to Dr. Friedemann Schaub, author of The Fear and Anxiety Solution, comparing ourselves with others isn’t necessarily bad – it just needs to be done in a positive way. Join Dr. Schaub and Dr. Pat Baccili and learn how you can use self-comparison as leverage for growth and self-empowerment.

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7/13/15 Dr. Pat and Ali Katz

Live More Radio with Ali Katz - "Stress Less, Live More!": Cultivate Gratitude and Focus Your Attention in the Right Places 

Ali and Dr. Pat talk about how we can go through life with a mentality of abundance or lack, and whichever one we choose truly shapes our reality. Ali believes that the more we cultivate gratitude in our life, the more the Universe gives us to be grateful. It is an energy and a vibration that you are living in, and you attract what you put out. The Universe understands what you like and will conspire on your behalf. “What we put our attention on thrives” and we choose where to put it. On the good stuff or the negative? Where we put it is what will grow in our lives.

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7/10/15 The Christine Upchurch Show

The Christine Upchurch Show: Feng Shui That Makes Sense with guest Cathleen McCandless

Would you like to create a home that looks beautiful and feels inviting, comfortable and relaxing? Do you have an interest in feng shui but have become frustrated or discouraged by confusing, conflicting, and sometimes downright silly information and suggestions? Are you searching for an approach to feng shui that’s easy to understand, easy to implement, and easy on your budget? Join Christine and feng shui expert Cathleen McCandless to discover a common sense approach to feng shui that can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary environment.

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7/9/15 Dr. Jamie Turndorf

Ask Dr. Love with Dr. Jamie Turndorf: Could Simplifying Your Life Improve Your Relationships? with Betsey Lewis

Do you ever get the feeling that simplifying your life is the answer to what ails you? If you said, yes, then you're going to want to meet Betsey Lewis, who says that the human race is being called to return to a simpler, more spiritual and more compassionate life. Betsey believes that the imbalances we see in Mother Earth is the call for all of us to return to ayni—balance. Join Dr. Jamie for an eye and heart opening discussion with her dear friend, Betsey Lewis.

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7/8/15 Dr. Pat and Dr. Jones

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Sleepless in America with Dr. Susan Smith Jones 

Lack of sleep can lead to a variety of health problems, including weight gain, accelerated aging, depression, irritability and impatience, low sex drive, memory loss, lethargy, relationship problems, accidents, and toxic build-up. Tune-in to learn Dr. Susan's best tips for sound sleep.

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7/7/15 Dr. Pat and Dr. Kelly Neff

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Understanding the Conscious Evolution of Humanity and How These Changes Can Impact Your Life with Dr. Kelly Neff 

More and more people are realizing that humanity's vibration is shifting and our consciousness is evolving at a rapid rate. But how does this play out in our lives? What kind of changes can we expect? How can we maximize these shifts to become the greatest version of ourselves? Renowned psychologist and author Dr. Kelly will explore the many pathways of conscious evolution that humans are currently experiencing, including in our health, our social lives, our relationships, or creative expressions, our beliefs, our shifting passions, and our new human story. If you are feeling like things are changing so quickly you haven't had time to stop and catch your breath, Dr. Kelly can help you keep it all in perspective. 

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7/6/15 Dr. Pat and Phyllis King

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: The Energy of Abundance, Practical Advice and Spiritual Wisdom to Achieve Anything in Life with Author Phyllis King

Activating Your Abundance Core in Love, Wealth and Personal Happiness. The Energy of Abundance clearly details how to bring a sense of calm to your chaos, a spirit of laughter (and even fun!) to your missteps, and an energy of renewal to your self and your life by reconnecting to your innate power source. It addresses all major aspects of life--from birth to death, marriage to money--and clearly explains how to shift outcomes, using captivating stories, laugh-out-loud humor, and poignant insights. Phyllis will also be taking your calls.  

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7/2/15 Dr. Pat and Sue Storm

The Angel Lady Sue Storm

Knowing that the angels are all around us and willing to guide us brings a sense of joy. There is no end to the possibilities that the angels can offer. Welcoming them into your life, means more happiness, love, and fulfillment.

7/1/15 Dr. Pat and Heather Temple

Love Seeker Radio with Coach Heather Lynn: Finding Love for Your Authentic Self: How Can We Turn Heartache into Healing? 

Break-ups can be so painful, but there is a powerful way to use them to your advantage. Learn how your most recent (or not-so-recent) break-up can be your ticket to better love. Dr. Pat Baccili joins Heather Lynn in the discussion.

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6/30/15 Voices of Women with Kris Steinnes

Energies of Love with Donna Eden and
Dr. David Feinstein 

A relationship begins with the meeting of two unique energies. This union of energies, though invisible, determines the way you communicate, fight, love, and want to be loved. In this groundbreaking book, the bestselling authors of Energy Medicine draw on their “Energies of Love” workshops as well as their own experiences as couples counselors and as a husband and wife team to show how an understanding of your energy system and that of your partner can help you build a more harmonious and loving bond. By helping you better understand your own unique energy system, as well as that of your partner, you will be able to recognize your strengths as a couple-and avoid the pitfalls. This new found perspective will propel you into a greater appreciation of your relationship as a spiritual journey.

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6/29/15 Dr. Pat and Mark Rayner

Why Relationships Can Hurt so Deeply with Mark Rayner

Learn from Mark how to move towards a self-actualized relationship
with yourself and others.

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6/26/15 The Christine Upchurch Show

The State of the World: From a Higher Perspective with guest Lee Carroll

Join Christine and well known and loved author, spiritual teacher, and channel Lee Carroll, as he shares his wise perspective based on his many years of channeling Kryon.

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6/25/15 Dr. Pat and Dr. Friedemann Schaub

The Empowered Self Series with Co-host Dr. Friedemann Schaub: The Empowered Self Part 15 - The Gift of Surrender

Do you like to be in control and at times freak out, when things aren’t going your way? Are you known to bang your head against the wall, in an effort to get what you want? If so, you may have noticed that the more you are trying to micromanage your life and the people around you, the stronger the fear of losing control becomes. Often things flow more smoothly and quickly, if we give up control and allow them to happen instead of making them happen. Yet most of us have a hard time surrendering, because we liken it to defeat, giving up or powerlessness. The truth is, when we surrender we stop paddling upstream, we no longer battle ourselves and our lives, but allow life to unfold with greater ease and grace. Join, Dr. Friedemann Schaub, author of The Fear and Anxiety Solution, and Dr. Pat Baccili, and learn more how surrendering can become an empowering practice in your life.  

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6/24/15 Dr. Pat and Leslie Fonteyne

Sheer Alchemy! with Co-host Leslie Fonteyne: When It All Falls Apart 

Have you had a time where you felt like everything was going wrong, things were falling apart on several fronts at the same time? It might be physical, family, work, finances. Let’s talk about what’s going on there. Leslie and Dr. Pat discuss how to address things going wrong.

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6/23/15 The Chip Justice Show

Positive Changes for a Life You Will Love!: From the Battle Field to the Energy Field of A Life You Love

Have you ever wondered if your life will change to one where there was joy, abundance, love, fulfillment and excitement? Have you been day-to-day with the demons of limitation, lack of self-worth, or just bad luck? Today, Chip Justice, renowned “Positive Changes” coach and mentor, shares his personal story of moving from chaos to choice, from boredom to balance, and from despair to destiny. As the host, Chip and Dr. Pat invite listeners to declare into being “A Life they Love” and share the 3 keys to begin the journey.

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