Wednesday, June 10, 2015

4/27/15 Co-host Dr. Susan Allison

The Dr. Pat Show: Divine Downloads with Co-host
Dr. Susan Allison

How can we be more receptive to inspiration, to magical ideas and bursts of creativity? On today's show author and artist Susan Allison will share her own experience with what she calls Divine Downloads. For a decade, ever since a birthday trip on the California coast, Dr. Allison has been catching songs, poems, paintings and book ideas that seem to come out of nowhere right into her head and heart. It is now her belief that these inspirations come from Source, Spirit, the Divine, the Higher Self, the Mind of God, or whatever you call this universal Creative Force. She will share how to be more receptive to these downloads, how to invite them in more often, and what environment and attitude seem to attract them most. Get ready to receive you own Divine Downloads after today's show!
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